Info Visit Ghana Concierge

We take pride in our local Visit Ghana Concierge, we offer a unique service that is available to our traveler at all times to offer support and assistance as needed upon arrival in Ghana. With Info Visit Ghana Concierge, our traveler have someone looking after them, someone who knows every detail of their itinerary. Info Visit Ghana Concierge will lend support in every instance when needed; Ghana concierge will get you the right car and the right Luxury accommodation, will get your tickets for special entertainment events and will provide extraordinary access experiences.

Your journey starts with a phone call or an email; this is the most important step in the process, we get to know you more, your interest, priorities, needs and budget. You will tell us if you have a preferred type of car, how you prefer your accommodation (with sea view etc…) After the first contact, we will send you a form with our planning and consultation fee of $100. Anytime you are ready, simply fill out the form and send it back and we will get started.

    • After you have completed and submitted the form, we will have a second conversation with you in other to clarify all the stated points in the proposal. When our logistics meet your approval, we can get started.
    • Base on your budget, we will process by selecting the car, the driver, the hotel or private luxury apartment, your in-country vacation itineraries etc… Each decision we take regarding your trip is intentional and done with your specific needs in mind.
    • After this step, we will be able to provide you with a price for your travel package. You will have to make a 25% deposit to secure your booking. Your balance will be due two (2) weeks before travel.
    • A week before your departure date, Info Visit Ghana Concierge will send you a travel note and vouchers; this note will contain the complete details of your journey from the date you land at the airport to the last day you take off.
    • We hope you will have an amazing experience and spread the news across your network, friends and family. We can’t wait to read your review on our various social platforms.
      If you are interested in booking a concierge for your trip to Ghana, please dully complete our Contact form Upon completion, a team member will follow up to further explore your interests and happily guide you through every step of our planning process.